Talking To Teapots

  1. 01 Fallopian Tube
  2. 02 Ha Ha
  3. 09 Halo

This is the new album. 10 solid, or not so solid rock songs. Sometimes heavy, sometimes not, sometimes fast, sometimes not. Sometimes cohesive, sometimes not. You will feel this album as music should be felt. This is body music. This is trance. This is church of the poisoned minds. Wake up, Fall back asleep.

released 29 November 2012
Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Talking To Teapots: Martin Månsson Sjöstrand, Andreas Jönsson, Emil Engblom, Jimmy Nordström and Henrik Hansson. Doggie Bag bass line partly created by Josef Möller. Mastered by Kristian Ross. Cover art by Johanna Johansson. Photography by Fredrik Bengtsson.